Value to Schools

The percentage of headteachers who believe Teaching Assistants add value to their school


Important Resource

The number of Teaching Assistants working in schools across the UK. An increase from 71,800 in 2002.


Supporting Special Needs

The percentage of parents with autistic children who want more Teaching Assistants in UK schools

Why the National Awareness Day was created

Recognising the Contribution of TAs

National Teaching Assistants' Day was created by Teaching Personnel to recognise the valuable contribution Teaching Assistants make to the education and support of school children across the UK. On National Teaching Assistants' Day we want schools across the UK to join in acknowledging the Teaching Assistant Lockdown heroes of 2020.

The Impact of Teaching Assistants

Sonia Blandford (Achievement for All 3As)

"The impact teaching assistants can make in relation to improving progress in reading, writing and maths for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities is profound."

Sarah Teather (Previous Childrens Minister)

"We know that support staff can make a real difference to the achievement of pupils with special educational needs and disabilities",

When is National Teaching Assistants' Day?


Social Media Frenzy


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Special offers

Each year Teaching Personnel and other National Teaching Assistants' Day partners launch a number of special offers for Teaching Assistants.

School Celebrations

On 16th September schools across England and Wales are encouraged to acknowledge their Teaching Assistant workforce. Let's make Teaching Assistants feel appreciated on their special day!

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Teaching Assistant of the Year Competition

16th September 2020

Nominate a Teaching Assistant here...

On National Teaching Assistants' Day (16th September), Teaching Personnel will be announcing the winner of the Teaching Assistant of the Year competition. This year there will be a TA of the Year winner for primary schools, secondary schools and special schools. National Teaching Assistants' Day was created by Teaching Personnel in recognition of the valuable role Teaching Assistants play in schools across England and Wales

See the fun that we had last year for some inspiration

2019 Secondary Teaching Assistant of the Year

Antonia Todd

Marine Academy Plymouth

Antonia is a caring and dedicated individual who has acted as a key adult for some of our most vulnerable and complex students. She understands their needs, and helps them to understand themselves better and is always there as a calm and collected safe person when needed.

2019 Primary Teaching Assistant of the Year

Punam Sharma

Thornbury Primary Leadership Academy– Bradford

nam always goes the extra mile in all that she does, she stays in at lunch time to support children who are experiencing difficulty and also provides and encouragement in such a positive way to the children whom she works with, that they come to her for advise and trust her as a member of our support team.

2019 SEN Teaching Assistant of the Year

Janet Skillen

Hayfield School – Wirral

Ultimately Jan is the sort of colleague every workplace needs. Her glass is always half-full. She sees and seeks the best in everyone - children and adults. Her enthusiasm and passion is such a valuable resource. And we love her. Thank you Jan

2018 Primary Teaching Assistant of the Year

Jodie Jarvis

from Mount Charles School – Cornwall

Jodie has a fantastic relationship with the parents and outside agencies involved with her key children, she takes the time to build relationships, listen and understands their views to make sure that school is positive and welcoming for them. There really is no end to her commitment for the children in our class.

2018 Secondary Teaching Assistant of the Year

Jacqueline McQuade

Regent High School – London

She is the lead TA for literacy interventions for students across the school which involves managing a team of TAs who work on a one-to-one and small group basis with students whose literacy is significantly below their age-related expectation.

2018 SEN Teaching Assistant of the Year

Francesca Bennett

Nominated by Bradley Taylor (Head Teacher)

Fran is Little Miss Sunshine, everywhere she goes she spreads light and happiness. Staff in any school may be the most expensive resource, but if staff are like Fran, every single penny is well spent.

2015 Aaron Critoph

Great Yarmouth

"Aaron has worked relentlessly to support a pupil with complex needs. There has been times when we have felt that we were not able to meet the pupils needs, but Aaron has consistently thought and created innovative approaches to motivate and support the pupils."

2016 Lyndsay Pepper

South Wales Valleys

"Lindsey supports students with organising support and provision before school starts, she supervises CHAT support during lunchtimes and breaks and she stays after school to help anyone at all who needs help... Not to mention the lovely cakes she bakes for the other TA staff too!"

2017 Jane Middleton

Wreake Valley Academy – Syston, Leicestershire

"Jane has a tremendous work ethic. She works tirelessly to ensure that students who require exam access arrangements are allocated exam rooms with TA Staff"

2012 Christine Hussey


"Christine never goes an extra mile; she runs a marathon every day for the children in her care."

2013 Bev Hodgins


"Her extensive knowledge of the children is extraordinary. She enthusiastically plans and leads whole school activities on special occasions"

2014 Dave Higgs


"Dave will speak to and visit families and is always available to parents at the end of the school day. I spend my management life apologising to Dave for impacting on his PPA to assist pupils or organise events"

Let's Party!

School celebrations in 2020 may look at little different due to COVID-19 but I'm sure you'll find a way to celebrate! Here are some party pics from previous years.

Selfie Frames!

Join in the fun with with these National Teaching Assistants' Day selfie frames! Print them out, stick onto some cardboard and cut out for lots of selfie fun! Remember to share your selfies with us at facebook@teachingpersonnel.com

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Best Practice Network

Best Practice Network

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Judicium Education

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School Business Services

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