This message is for: Superstar TA!
from Megan Griffiths

It may help to summarise some of the amazing qualities of Maggie Paul. She is kind, caring, amazingly efficient, nurturing, organised, intuitive, super human, special and all round fantastic!

Maggie always puts children first. She will have a line of current and previous students shout hello and run to hug her on her way into school. She is the first to celebrate the special moments in a child’s day and always makes a pupils feel special and valued. Maggie is the kind of person who will buy a stash of non-uniform/dress up outfits to ensure no child feels left out on special school days. She will listen and notice every child’s individual interests and read up on these in her own time just to connect with pupils on their level. She has even memorised every child’s and staff member’s birthday!

She is one of the longest running staff members at the school and we often joke that the school is built around her! Not to mention that she stays late to laminate, mark and make displays… even taking everyone’s Christmas wrapping home to do in December!

When teachers need cover or support, she is always there to help. ‘Can’t’ is not a word in Maggie’s vocabulary!
She always puts others first. She is an incredibly selfless, intelligent and kind hearted person woman who is loved by pupils and staff alike.

Maggie, I couldn’t do this job without you. Thank you for being the wonderful person that you are and for being such a wonderful presence in the life of so many children and staff members!