Cheryl is a wonderful ta is goes above and beyond to support the students In our school

Mrs Cameron Wyke Regis Weymouth

Without a doubt, the most incredible, amazing, beautiful teaching assistant that ever lived. Mrs Cameron you were as kind to me and you were to my son. We are grateful to have you in our lives. Some days I felt lost as a parent but you’re always there for us both and...

Merci Melina

Melina is a very caring teacher assistant who always makes time for all the students. She always finds a way to juggle her responsibilities as a member of the staff and being a fantastic mother to her children.

Mental and Physical wellbeing lead

I would like to nominate Anne Smith at Evergreen Primary school for her continued hard work and long term service to our school and its pupils. Anne has always given 100% to the pupils in her class, going above and beyond to ensure the children have a positive...